Welcome to Mehrwert: Landwirtschaft!

We are the research team of the Master’s program in Agricultural Management and Innovation at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Steyr Campus and we are pleased to welcome you on our website.

Our core values are shaped by sustainability, efficiency and innovation. With passion and expertise, we work to shape the agriculture of tomorrow and develop innovative solutions for current challenges.

Our endeavor is to advance agriculture through groundbreaking research projects. Currently, we are engaged in the projects, NextGen:CropCare and Mehrwert Landwirtschaft, researching future-proof technologies and methods that truly create value for agriculture.

On September 10, 2024, “Upper Austria Today” aired a gripping segment on the exciting topic “The Tractor of the Future”. In this inspiring segment, not only did Christian Huber, the CEO of CNH Industrial Austria speak, but also our passionate graduates and our visionary program director, Michael Schmidthaler.

Our vision is to shape a modern and sustainable agriculture that unifies both ecological and economic aspects. Through our research, we desire to contribute towards achieving a productive and environmentally aware agriculture.

Dive into the fascinating world of agricultural research and explore new paths and potentials with us for the future of agriculture.


FH-Prof. MMag. Dr. Michael Schmidthaler
Wehrgrabengasse 1-3
4400 Steyr – Austria

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